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    2. 天津众泰材料科技有限公司

      企业精神    Enterprise spirit 

      包容大气,永不放弃    Be tolerant, forthright and never give up

      企业核心价值观    The core values

      厚德精业 * 创造价值 * 坚忍不拔 * 不断精进 * 持续卓越

      Social Commitment & Conscientiousness * Creation of Value * Perseverance * Continuously improve * Continuous Excellence

      企业使命    Enterprise Mission


      Focusing on the R & D and production of advanced functional polyimide monomers, 


      Committed to promote the development of global high-end polyimide material industry


      Committed to optimize the production process, improve production efficiency, to bring more benefits to customers.  

      致力于改善员工工作环境, 提高员工生活水平,提升员工幸福感。

      Committed to improving the working environment, improving the living standard and happiness of employees. 

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